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The Santa Cruz County School Boards Association (SCZCSBA) offers a professional and public forum for the elementary, high school and unified school district Boards of Trustees in Santa Cruz County. On behalf of all public school students in Santa Cruz County, the collaborative efforts of the Association will include a focus on education advocacy, professional governance, and policy recommendations. Working with the California School Boards Association (CSBA), the Association seeks to build partnerships with member school districts to support educational excellence for all children in our diverse communities.

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Kicking Off 2012-2013

Welcome Back!
Hard to believe it’s the beginning of the school year again!  As always, we’ll kick off our SCZCSBA year with our September meeting.  On Thursday,
September 13th, at 6:00PM, we will host the first Santa Cruz County School Boards Association (SCZCSBA) meeting of the 2012-13 school year, with
Assembly Member Bill Monning speaking between 6:30-8:00PM. All, (including your colleagues and members of the public) are invited to attend.
This should be a very interesting meeting, because it will include a talk by Mr. Monning, followed by an information session where we can ask questions and
discuss concerns about public education in California. Bill is interested in hearing our views, ideas and concerns as education leaders, as well as those of the
general public.
Another reason for attending is that on August 8th, the Pajaro Valley board voted to join SCZCSBA. Pajaro Valley is by far the largest school district in
Santa Cruz County, and their membership should clearly change and enhance the dynamic of SCZCSBA meetings and member collaborations. We
heartily welcome PVUSD to our Association.
The meeting will begin September 13th at 6:00PM at the Aptos Junior High MP Room, 1001 Huntington Drive, Aptos.  You will find directions on the Agenda
page or our site! Normal SCZCSBA business will occur 6:00-6:30, and Mr. Monning will arrive around 6:30. The session should adjourn around 8:00PM.
Please try to attend this important meeting, and also email or pass the invitation on to your friends, colleagues, or anyone interested in public education. This
event is co-sponsored by the Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley Education Foundations.
George Wylie
SCZCSBA President